The Maltstrom brewery team

Impassioned - Creative – Cool

Mike Fiset


After more than 12 years as head brewer at one of the largest breweries in Quebec, Mike Fiset’s entrepreneurial side finally won out. He became a brewing consultant, working with the top breweries, for two years. His meeting with Jean-David and Patrick at the end of 2015 led to the launch of the somewhat “crazy” project of creating a microbrewery focused not on mass production but on the originality of its recipes.
Mike heads the production and brewing of Maltstrom beers. He is also responsible for sales, receiving visitors, and the general running of the company…. In short, he is our one-man-band at the brewery!
He is also the guy who reads all the emails received at the brewery (to send an email, click here) and responds with a characteristic touch of humor – watch out!

Jean-David CAMUS


Jean-David Camus spent 10 years marketing whiskies, perfumes, wines and Champagne in France and internationally. His taste for “the finer things in life“ and his entrepreneurial instinct led to him setting up a marketing consultancy and later on a microbrewery in Burgundy in 2006.

He is responsible for the Maltstrom brand image (He’s the guy behind the labels and this website) and he enjoys coming up with creative ideas to bounce off Mike and Patrick, all intended to further the cause of “good taste“.

Patrick MOUGIN


With his inquisitive mind, Patrick has always had a penchant for going off the beaten track, for taking on unusual challenges whether these are technological, organizational or human. To his mind, “there are always opportunities, often right under your nose, so let’s open our eyes! With teamwork, anything is possible.”
Maltstrom receives the benefit of his training as a chemical engineer, his experience as an international business executive and his can-do attitude. His goal is to create a unique and surprising experience for beer drinkers. If you are looking for someone to brew up good ideas, he’s your man!